Wolf Administration visits Philadelphia to support workforce development in the region’s hospitality and restaurant industries

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — Department of Labor and Industry (L&I) Secretary Jennifer Berrier today visited Philadelphia’s OCI, a workforce development and skills training center that has been preparing for decades Philadelphians to progress in family careers.

OCI is one of many partners in the Philadelphia Area Hospitality and Entertainment Industry Partnership investing in the region’s hospitality and restaurant workforce – a project supported by the PAsmart initiative of the Wolf administration.

The partnership recently received a $175,000 Industry Partnership Grant from L&I and will use its funding for a variety of workforce development activities, including training, recruiting, marketing, support services and procurement. Statewide, the department has awarded nearly $4.8 million to 26 industry partnerships with innovative plans to meet local and regional labor needs.

“Pennsylvania employees and employers in every industry have felt the impact of the pandemic, but few industries have experienced such dramatic upheaval as that experienced by restaurants, hotels, venues and others in the industries of The Wolf Administration is proud to support the Philadelphia Region Hospitality and Entertainment Industry Partnership in its efforts to invest in workforce development so that businesses and workers can recover from the pandemic and thrive,” Berrier said. “The future of Pennsylvania’s economy will be largely determined by working people — the majority of us who depend on regular wages to support our families and plan for the future. ‘coming. Industry leaders who invest in their workers – especially with educational opportunities that lead to wages more jobs – will be rewarded time and time again with the loyalty of a workforce that has more choice today. today than it may have been at any time in recent history. »

The Philadelphia Area Hospitality and Entertainment Industry Partnership was established in September 2019 with a focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives to enhance skills and facilitate upward mobility of historically marginalized populations in the southeast region. The COVID-19 pandemic, which has hit the hotel and restaurant industries hard, has affected but not discouraged this work.

As part of the recharge and recovery efforts, the partnership is working with Peoples Hospitality School (PHS) at Drexel University to further develop and strengthen the economy of the Greater Philadelphia area. PHS is creating a training program that will bring together Drexel faculty, external corporate partners and industry experts in a single program to support, train, develop and provide career paths for those seeking a career in the sector of the hotel and catering industry. The school is expected to open in September.

“A thriving hospitality and entertainment industry is a priority for Philadelphia’s economic recovery,” said H. Patrick Clancy, president and CEO of Philadelphia Works. “Philadelphia is fortunate that Secretary Berrier not only recognizes its local importance, but also leads and champions its growth through action and smart investment.”

Strengthening vocational and vocational education in Pennsylvania is a priority for the Wolf administration. Several workforce development initiatives designed to meet the needs of local employers have been created, including the Keystone Economic Development and Workforce Command Center, launched in 2019. This strategic public-private partnership helps identify and eliminate work barriers, skills gaps and shortages in Pennsylvania.

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Michael A. Bynum