Within 10 days… the most important crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in the occupied canton of Afrin – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Our agency has documented the most significant crimes committed by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries over the past 10 days in the occupied canton of Afrin.

On July 30, the so-called criminal court of the Turkish occupation authorities in the occupied canton of Afrin issued court decisions against a number of Kurdish citizens who were abducted by the Turkish intelligence services and their mercenaries belonging to groups of mercenaries at different times after the Turkish occupation of Afrin, after false pretenses, as well as they were subjected to torture in the basements of the occupation in the city of Afrin.

* The death sentence was imposed on citizen Hussein Yousef Mustafa Hussein (20), who was kidnapped on April 28, 2021 by the Turkish secret service and its mercenaries.

* The prison sentence of 3 years for citizen Youssef Mustafa Hussein, and 12 years for his wife, citizen Zainab Muhammad Awalashli, who was abducted on June 12, 2021.

* A 13-year prison sentence was handed down to citizen Mustafa Muhammad Hussein, 27, who was abducted in 2019.

* A 13-year prison sentence has been handed down to minor Ezz El-Din Youssef Hussein, 17, who was abducted on May 5, 2021.

According to international laws, an occupying country does not have the right to pronounce judicial decisions against citizens of another country, in particular the death penalty, whatever the reasons.

The Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries are committing all kinds of crimes and violations against the remaining indigenous peoples in the occupied canton of Afrin, amid silence from the international community and human rights and humanitarian organizations. ‘man.

It should be noted that the proportion of Kurds is close to 95% of the total population of the canton, but this percentage has fallen to around 23%, according to human rights organizations documenting the crimes of the state of Turkish occupation in the canton of Afrin.

In this context, the official spokesperson of the Afrin – Syria Human Rights Organization Ibrahim Sheikho considered: “This decision is in violation of the laws of the European Union, but in Afrin, because of the chaos and security chaos, they pronounce unjust sentences such as death and life sentences, and the transfer of citizens to Turkish territory and the pronouncement of sentences against them.

Cheikho said: “When Hussein Youssef Mustafa Hussein was abducted, he was 17 years old and a minor. Even the sentences pronounced against minors are different from those of adults. This decision violates criminal laws, both local Syrian and international. laws, and the fate of three other members of the same family is still unknown.”

Sheikho pointed out that “this ‘tribunal’ is not empowered to make these decisions, and according to Article 42 of the Hague Regulations of 1907, it must preserve the structure of the population, not change the demography of the region. and not punishing its citizens for their dealings with previous administrations, but the Turkish occupation state is doing the exact opposite by ruling that citizens are sentenced to death, and this is similar to previous rulings it made in Sere -Kaniye, Afrin and all occupied areas of northern Syria.

At the end of his speech, Sheikho said, “We at the Human Rights Organization in Afrin – Syria condemn these provisions and call on international organizations and relevant parties to put pressure on Turkey to it forces him to cancel these provisions and release the citizens because they are Syrian citizens who have not sinned against anyone, and we also call on these parties, in particular the organization UNICEF, to ensure that Hussein Youssef Mustafa Hussein and also Izz El-Din Youssef Mustafa Hussein are not over the legal age, and this is at the heart of his responsibility to defend minors and all detainees.

An old man was killed and 7 citizens were abducted in Jandrissa, Bulbul and Sheh districts, including a woman.

“Ahrar al-Sharqiya” mercenaries killed elderly citizen Suleiman Hamko (73), from Ka’ni Korek village in Jandris district, after being severely beaten while trying to loot his house in the town .

* Sources from Janders district reported that Turkish intelligence abducted 4 citizens from Janders district in occupied Afrin. they:

* Nouri Muhammad Ali Esau (24 years old).

* Emad Mohamed Hammou (33 years old).

* Mahmoud Saeed Jassim Al-Mohammed (34 years old).

* Ilham Muhammad Hassan (47 years old).

According to the same sources, the Turkish intelligence services took the kidnappers to an unknown destination without being able to know their fate.

* In the same context, the mercenaries of the “military police” of the Turkish occupation army kidnapped the citizen of Kurdistan, Manan Mustafa (37 years old), from the village of Kela, belonging to the district of Bulbul, under a false pretext.

* Turkish intelligence also abducted two elderly people from the village of Senara in the Shiye district of occupied Afrin, after raiding their house. They are Mahmoud Kalash, nicknamed Khoja Hajji (70 years old), and Hassan Sabri (60 years old).

Cutting down trees and destroying the nature of Afrin

Local sources reported that “Hamza Division” mercenaries cut down more than 250 forest trees near Kemar village in Sherawa district under the supervision of Turkish officers under the pretext that it is near a Turkish military base.

On the other hand, the mercenaries of “Sultan Murad Division” cut down more than 85 perennial olive trees, which are more than 40 years old, and belong to the citizen (Sheikh Musa Mukhtar) of Qastal Kishk village in Bulbul district.

The Turkish occupation aims, by cutting down forest trees and olive trees, to denature the verdant nature of the canton of Afrin, and to tighten the noose around people to force them to flee their homes.

looting of archaeological sites

Meanwhile, sources have reported that the Joz well site, located in Brimja village, Mobata district, has been subject to sabotage drilling operations which have affected its entire area.

The Turkish occupation aims to change the demographics of the occupied canton of Afrin, through the establishment of settlements and the recruitment of Syrian refugees from various other Syrian regions and their settlement in Afrin instead of its original inhabitants, in addition to destroying the nature of the township and plundering the archaeological sites therein, where there is the distinctive identity of the township.



Michael A. Bynum