Webinar Q&A: What can immigration do to address the challenges of the aged care workforce? – September 21

We hope to answer this question and more in an upcoming webinar where we hear from Melanie Macfarlane – an expert in the field of migration and helping employers support their workforce.

Melanie wrote a guest post for Inside Aging last month titled “Many Solutions to Aged Care Staffing Crisis; not just 60,000 skilled migrant visas” The story was very well received and is our most read story ever. The story outlines the many other options available to help improve worker availability by doing more on student visas, occupation roster revisions and temporary visas. (Inside Aging welcomes guest posts with guidelines on what we’re looking for here)

Earlier this week, the Albanian government hosted around 20 stakeholders at the summit roundtable on pre-employment of the older workforce ahead of the summit to be held on September 1-2.

In a statement from Catholic Health Australia which was present, “The sector has also spoken out on removing barriers to bringing workers to Australia (with clear pathways to permanent residency) to fill critical gaps. This would necessarily imply the creation of a category of caregivers on the list of skilled migrants.

This week has also seen the release of some sobering research indicating just how significant labor issues are, with research from Complispace suggesting half will leave the industry in the next three years and a study of the ARC Center of Excellence in Research on the Aging Population projecting – Australians over 85 will increase by 140% in the next 20 years, a prospect that the sector is far from contemplating!

The September 21 live webinar will feature a presentation by Melanie covering the points below, followed by a Q&A session moderated by Sean McKeown of Inside Aging. Questions can be asked the same day or when you register.

  • The aged care sector in the context of immigration options
  • Is an increase in the number of permanent resident visas in the October budget helpful?
  • An overview of available visa subclasses and an overview of PR pathways
  • What is a working agreement?
  • What are the basic requirements for getting an employment contract approved?
  • Onshore or Offshore Recruitment – ​​Advantages and Disadvantages of Both
  • Advocacy – what industry still needs to advocate with government to help provide immigration solutions

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

1:00 p.m. Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra time

Michael A. Bynum