Tips for managing your remote workforce

Experience as a remote employee helped an executive transition to a remote manager

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida., July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Being a good manager isn’t fundamentally different when your employees are working from home than when they’re in the office, says Shomari HearnExecutive Vice President at Palisades Hudson Financial Group LLC.

In a recent article (, Hearn shared his own experience as a hybrid, then fully remote employee at a time when such arrangements were rare. The arrival of COVID-19 has left many less experienced businesses and managers struggling to adjust to a safer and more remote arrangement. As it becomes clear that hybrid and remote work is here to stay, Hearn advises supervisors not to panic.

“A good manager sets clear goals and priorities, whether workers are distant or not,” says Hearn. He adds that “if you’re used to managing staff in person, the shift to remote working may have caused you to examine how you set goals and how you measure them.”

Managers should prioritize clear communication and transparent goals, suggests Hearn. He also notes that remote employees require special consideration during the onboarding process. Intangible factors like building relationships between colleagues or passing on company culture may have happened naturally when a team was working together in person. Managers should consider alternatives for employees who remain fully or partially remote.

Hearn also urges officials to think about digital security when developing work-from-home policies.

“Adjusting to managing remote workers may mean rethinking certain habits and adopting new tools,” Hearn writes. “But being transparent, proactive and attentive will ensure your employees thrive in their role.”

As Executive Vice President – ​​the first in company history – Hearn holds executive responsibility for Palisades Hudson’s operations in its offices nationwide. Although based in the firm Fort Lauderdale headquarters, he regularly meets with clients in the United States and abroad. Hearn holds CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and IRS Enrolled Agent credentials, and his advice has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Barron’s and many other publications. In addition to contributing to the company’s newsletter, Hearn has contributed chapters to Palisades Hudson’s two books, “The High Achiever’s Guide to Wealth” and “Looking Ahead: Life, Family, Wealth and Business After 55”, all two available on Amazon.

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