Tibetan activists protest China’s illegal occupation of Tibet on the 73rd CCP National Day

New Delhi — On China’s National Day, Tibetan Youth Congress activists demonstrated outside the Chinese Embassy in Delhi to protest against China’s crackdown on Tibetans under the zero covid policy. More than 70 activists were arrested at Delhi police station after the protest.

The Tibetan Youth Congress held a demonstration outside the Chinese Embassy in Delhi to protest Chinese repression against Tibetans under zero-covid policy and illegal occupation and oppression of Tibet over the past six decades. More than 70 activists and members from several regional TYCs in Delhi and Himachal Pradesh and others joined the protest. They called on the Chinese government to end its radical policy in Tibet, stop its massive and systematic collection of DNA from Tibetans, and immediately address Tibetans’ grievances.

“On the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Tibetan Youth Congress and its regional chapters around the world mark the date by standing up to China for its illegal occupation of Tibet and its oppression during of the last six decades. Tibetans continue to face intense surveillance in their daily lives, with security cameras, police checkpoints and party officials monitoring their movements and activities. Arbitrary arrests and detentions are obviously the common practice carried out by the Chinese authorities in recent months and years. Particularly targeting teachers, writers and intellectuals who emphasize the preservation of Tibetan culture and identity, which continue to be assimilated by the Chinese government,” said a statement released by TYC on the occasion. of the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

While explaining the current situation in Tibet, TYC said, “Nearly one million Tibetan children have been forcibly separated from their parents, forcing them to live in colonial boarding schools and cutting them off from their families, their language and their religion. The Chinese government has housed them in schools specially established by the Chinese Communist Party, where they do not have access to curricula related to Tibetan culture and mainly aim to eliminate and annihilate Tibetan culture and identity.

“Chinese authorities continue to tighten their control over Tibetans through various means of surveillance. Reports were coming out of Tibet that the Chinese authorities were conducting massive DNA collection without the consent of Tibetans. The development clearly indicates the tightening of technological surveillance over Tibetans. The CP has set up biosecurity as an agency to control the population, especially those in the occupied areas of Tibet, East Turkestan and southern Mongolia who are targeted,” they added.

Speaking about the covid crisis in Tibet, TYC said, “Since the COVID outbreak in Tibet, COVID cases continue to rise, and many Tibetans are taking to social media and venting their frustrations against the Chinese government for not having provided health care facilities. and adequate meals for people detained under Covid prevention cover. Infected and uninfected people are quarantined in the same place, without regular testing, and all are quarantined until healthy people are infected.

“As the authoritarian lockdown in Lhasa closes its second month, Tibetans face increasing hardship due to scarcity of essential commodities and mistreatment by authorities. Many Tibetans have reportedly been detained for simply sharing Covid-related photos and videos online as part of the Chinese government’s harsh implementation of zero-Covid policy.” Reports were coming out of Tibet that China’s Zero-Covid policy had caused five Tibetans to commit suicide in three days,” TYC explained.

Explaining the reasons for their protest and their demands to the Chinese government, TYC said, “Therefore, on this anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, we call on the Chinese government to end its harsh policy in Tibet and end his arbitrary arrest. , and the detention of Tibetans on baseless charges. We also call on the Chinese communist government to end its massive and systematic collection of DNA from Tibetans, strengthen its surveillance capabilities, and subject Tibetans to widespread repression. We call on the Chinese government to immediately address the grievances of Tibetans, who continue to suffer from Chinese repression and oppression amid the Covid outbreak in Tibet.

After the demonstration in front of the Chinese embassy in New Delhi, 73 Tibetan activists and TYC members were arrested by the police and will be released later this evening.

Michael A. Bynum