Taliban occupation targets women and students

01/29/2022Afghanistan (International Christian Concern) – Human Rights Watch published a report on the restrictions in the province of Ghazni in Afghanistan. The Taliban’s grip on Afghanistan is accompanied by archaic changes that violate the freedom of women and students. Under the rule of the radical Islamic group, schools closed, the curriculum changed to favor Islam, and women are ordered to dress and behave.

There is no place to practice any other religion apart from Islam. The curriculum of schools that remained open shifted to religious studies. Physical education and art classes were considered a waste of time and replaced with classes on Islam. There are no more secondary schools for women, which means that girls will go to primary school to learn Islam before resigning themselves to a submissive role in the world that the Taliban have made.

Women are not allowed to leave the house without a male escort and must adhere to a strict dress code. Single women are pressured to marry so they can have some semblance of freedom of movement. Women in the workforce have changed the way they dress and act to avoid Taliban abuse. Teachers threw away their uniforms for burkas. Hospital workers were brought together to learn how to behave with their male colleagues.

Violence against Christians is common, especially with the influence of radical leaders in the territory. The militaristic emphasis of Islam in the country has made it even more dangerous for Christians who cannot flee.

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Michael A. Bynum