Reading SEO Agency Becomes a Living Wage and London Living Wage Accredited Employer

Blue Array has been accredited as a living wage and living wage employer in London

Submitted by Blue Array

British SEO agency Blue Array, based in Reading, Berkshire, has been announced as an Accredited Employer for Living Wage and Living Wage London.

The agency, which has more than 50 staff, joins thousands of organizations across the UK who believe a hard day’s work deserves fair pay. This echoes Blue Array’s longstanding commitment to making its employees its number one priority.

Blue Array joins nearly 9,000 other employers across the UK, who voluntarily pledge to pay above minimum wage based on the cost of living. The agency has also been accredited as an employer of London Living Wage, although its main workforce is based outside the city.

Vicky Kollnberger, Head of Talent and Happiness at Blue Array, said: “I am delighted that Blue Array has been accredited as a living wage and living wage employer in London. We want to attract and retain the brightest and best talent and believe everyone should earn a living wage.

“It’s great to be accredited not only to pay a living wage, but also to pay a living wage in London, even though most of the team is based outside the capital. We are proud to be members of this movement, and we will do our part to encourage others to join as well.

The Living Wage and London Living Wage are calculated and updated annually by an independent organization called the Resolution Foundation and are overseen by the Living Wage Commission.

It is based on the best available evidence on UK living standards and uses the minimum income standard as a benchmark to identify the costs of daily living by public consensus.

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Michael A. Bynum