Pursuing the Two-State Solution: “Accomplices to the Occupation”

In this 10-minute video, Erwin van Veen dissects the problem of implementing the two-state solution as the preferred international political solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and how it can be resurrected.

The two-state solution has become an article of faith that allows Israel’s large-scale human rights abuses and illegal occupation of Palestine to continue. In its current form, it no longer represents a viable path to peace. This is largely due to decades of discrimination and repression by the Israeli state against millions of Palestinians who live under the direct or indirect control of Tel Aviv. Human rights violations occur on an industrial scale through mechanisms of territorial occupation, control of people, movement, identity and coercion. The situation is aggravated by the poor governance practices of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

All of this is well documented and directly contravenes international law, as well as numerous United Nations Security Council resolutions. Yet the international community is doing little to address this growing stain on the global human rights agenda. The two-state solution can be revived, but this requires exerting significant pressure on Israel as it commits most of the abuses and has dominated the conflict since 1973. Recorded evidence indicates that an effective pursuit of the two-state solution by European countries, including the Netherlands, demand either direct diplomatic intervention with leverage or condemnation with the consequences of Israel’s continued violations. Other approaches only aid and abet the continued occupation

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Michael A. Bynum