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Turkish occupation officials have worked over the past period to promote the possibility of reconciliation with the government in Damascus, in conjunction with the growing level of understanding with Russia and Iran.

Turkish Occupation Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on August 11, 2022: “Turkey supports political reconciliation between (the Syrian opposition) and the Assad regime”, and indicated that he had conducted in October 2021, when he attended a meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement in the Serbian capital Belgrade, a quick conversation with the Foreign Minister of the Damascus government, Faisal Miqdad.

Earlier, Turkish occupation President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, upon returning from a meeting in Sochi with Russian President Vladimir Putin on August 6, that intelligence services in Ankara and Damascus were communicating about “terrorist organizations”.

Upon his return from a visit to Ukraine on August 19, Erdogan made another statement in which he said that Turkey was ready to take contacts with the government in Damascus to a higher level; That is, at a political level.

This is not the first time the two sides have spoken, as the head of national security in Damascus, Major General Ali Mamlouk, and the head of Turkish intelligence, Hakan Fidan, met in early 2020 in the Russian capital, Moscow. , and the first meeting announced since 2011.

The motives of Damascus and Ankara

The leader of Kurds Without Borders, Kadar Beri, spoke about the reasons for these talks, saying: “For the Syrian regime, any rapprochement with any party in the world is a great gain.

As for Turkey, according to Beri, there is the political and economic situation, saying: “The Turkish parties’ exploitation of the Syrian refugee issue in the upcoming elections, and the vision of these parties based on the end of the Syrian file and the withdrawal of the Turkish army from Syria and the losses it suffers.”

He added: “It is related to the same economic aspect, because there are high costs for the Syrian refugee issue or the issue of the Turkish army and its expenditure in Syria, knowing that the truth is not the case. , especially regarding the refugee issue, where Turkey lives on their backs and steals everything that can be obtained from Syria, especially the refugee issue.” European Union and United Nations aid to refugees.

Regarding the external motivations of these talks, Beri sees it as “a double message to all parties after Turkey did not obtain permission to occupy more Syrian lands. This is clear to the Russian side and the Iranians, as it complements all previous agreements that took place between the two sides in Sochi and Astana, and recently the tripartite meeting in Tehran.

Turkish tactics

The Turkish position has started to change since the Russian intervention in Syria, the launch of the Astana process and the escalation of differences with the United States on the Syrian file, but this has become more pronounced after the recent meetings held by Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the presidents. from Russia and Iran, where he tried to lean on to launch new attacks on northern and eastern Syria.

Regarding Turkey’s objectives from these talks, he said: “This is a new Turkish tactic to eliminate the Syrian people’s dream of freedom, dignity and democracy. Turkey, after all its previous policies of occupying more Syrian lands, resorted to other methods and directly intervened and occupied Afrin, Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad. He wanted to divide the north and east of Syria, recently he did not get the green light to occupy more land, so he resorts to other methods to achieve his goals and demands and destroy this component, whether we are talking about the Kurds in particular or the Syrian people in general and to eliminate this emerging democratic component in this area.”

He said: “The Turk is good at buying and selling and is very capable of selling these mercenaries as well. He is good at fickleness like an acrobat, changing 180 degrees from far right to far north, and all this in the interests of its leaders and the mafia in power and also in the context of the policies of the Turkish state as a whole and the phobia they have. For the Kurdish people to have their rights, this is seen as the beginning of the end of the Turkish state in the region.”

Despite Russian efforts, thorny issues and many obstacles

This week, French media revealed the results of the talks between the two sides and said: “In order to play the role of mediator between Turkey and Syria, Russia has sponsored a new meeting between the heads of intelligence of the two countries. , who have been side by side since 2011. The results weren’t conclusive, but the meeting at least allowed Ankara and Damascus to do that.”

For the first time, the Damascus government has opened what it calls a settlement center in Idlib, specifically in the town of Khan Sheikhoun, for people wanted by its security services, raising questions about the link between this and the indicators of rapprochement between Ankara and Damascus in recent times.

Despite these efforts, many obstacles stand before him, as Damascus and behind him Russia seek to exploit the crises plaguing the Justice and Development Party and push it to make concessions regarding the Turkish presence in Syrian territories. , especially Idlib, and that Turkey supports the government in Damascus politically and economically, and this has been rejected so far by the United States of America and the West.

On the possibility of these talks succeeding, Beri said: “The files between the two parties are very thorny, but as I mentioned, Erdogan is skilled in buying and selling, he has the ability to change radically, he will therefore overcome many obstacles that are in front of him because he is the main party and partner of the regime in the destruction of Syria, but there is regional and international interference which will be an obstacle to the Turkish state.

He added: “The Russian wants to please the Turk in the Syrian issues. He doesn’t care about the interests of the Syrian people, whether Kurdish or Arab, so he wants to keep them out of NATO and that Turkey has a role in the question of the easing of the sanctions imposed on Russia. Turkey will be the gateway and it is competent in this matter. We have seen that in the Iraqi and Iranian files, this question takes several aspects. There are the Europeans and America. America realizes that the evacuation of the arena in favor of the Russians with the presence of the Ukrainian war will be considered a victory for the Russians. Administration”.

The rapprochement harms all Syrians

The leader of the Kurdish Borderless Organization sent a message to the government in Damascus, saying: “Turkey cannot bet on any agreement with him. Turkey cannot respect its positions because it is volatile according to its interests and whims, which are always criminal and think only of genocidal operations, whether organized murders, massacres or genocidal operations.” In the culture and language of all the peoples of the region, the Turk has a clear history that is not entrusted to him. This is how the Europeans understood him, even within NATO They understood it that way and it is on this basis that it is treated Many proverbs have been said about the Turk, his dishonesty and his lack of credibility, and this is a point on which the regime must have a vision.

He added: “It should be a point for the regime to re-examine itself and change its direction towards the correct form, which is negotiation and dialogue with the autonomous administration, where the dialogue is Syrian-Syrian, with everything that the regime has done before, but it’s still better than the Turks and the non-Turks who don’t want anything good for Syria”.

Beri concluded his speech by saying: “This rapprochement, whatever its form, between the criminals reigning in Damascus and the ruler in Ankara, is harmful and bad for all the Syrian people, be it those who bet on the Turks or those who bet on the scheme. This approximation signifies a return to before the year 2011 or so they are. They aspire, and this is a particular possibility.



Michael A. Bynum