Porirua Town Council set to become Living Wage Council

The Living Wage Movement Aotearoa New Zealand congratulates Porirua Town Council on their decision to become a Living Wage Certified Employer.

After 10 years of campaigning, community leaders in Porirua are delighted that workers employed by contractors will be paid at least living wage when contracts are renewed as the council makes the decision to become a certified employer. Porirua joins other councils including their neighbours, Wellington City Council and Hutt City Council.

Living Wage Accreditation Coordinator Felicia Scherrer says with the rising cost of living, this is an important contribution to all families struggling to make ends meet on minimum wage .

“We are delighted that Porirua City Council has taken this step. It’s the right thing to do for their workers and it’s the mark of true community leadership,” says Felicia.

“Accreditation certainly offers everyone who works for the council that they will continue to receive at least the living wage, rather than just one round of bargaining. It’s salary security, which is highly valued in a time of increased cost of living pressures.

Felicia says Porirua City Council joins a diverse group of more than 300 living wage employers from all sectors of Aotearoa’s economy.

“Accredited Living Wage employers include huge organizations like councils and banks, manufacturing companies and smaller businesses like hospitality and retail. What unites them is the belief that no matter what job you do, everyone deserves the living wage.

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