Occupation bullets kill Palestinian martyr, Shuafat residents clash

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announces the martyrdom of a Palestinian in the governorate of Al-Khalil and the injury of several Palestinians during the clashes which broke out with the Israeli occupation forces.

  • Israeli occupation martyr and three wounded by Israeli occupation gunfire in West Bank clashes

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Ramallah on Wednesday night announced the martyrdom of one citizen and the injury of three others following clashes that erupted with occupation forces in several areas and towns in the West Bank.

In a press release, the ministry said: “Young man Osama Mahmoud Adawi (18) was killed by occupation bullets in Al-Arroub refugee camp, north of Al-Khalil “.

The ministry said “the clashes in Al-Khalil also left two civilians injured”, one of which was described as critical.

In Ramallah, the ministry indicated that a citizen was seriously injured “by occupation bullets and was admitted to the operating theaters of the Palestinian medical complex in Ramallah”, explaining that “the bullet penetrated the shoulder and settled in the chest”.

Al Mayadeen The correspondent reported that settlers physically assaulted some of the residents of Qusra, near Nablus, and burned their cars.

Palestinians face occupation attacks in besieged Shuafat camp

Al Mayadeen correspondent in occupied Palestine confirmed during the day that the Israeli occupation forces had stormed the besieged camp of Shuafat.

“Palestinian youths clashed with the occupation forces after they stormed the Shuafat camp and erected barriers to disrupt their movement,” she noted, adding that “the Israeli occupation is taking revenge on the base popular of the resistance in the camp after she was unable to reach the individual who carried out Operation Shuafat which killed an Israeli soldier.”

“The occupation forces withdrew to one of the checkpoints at the entrance to the city after the Palestinians clashed with them,” adding that “the occupation fired tear gas canisters widely at Palestinians and homes of civilians,” our correspondent said.

“The residents of Al-Quds repelled the occupation attacks with stones in the camp, despite the latter’s attacks with intensive tear gas canisters and rubber bullets”, noting that “the forces of occupation targeted journalists in the camp with tear gas canisters,” she added.

“The occupation forces are chasing the young men who threw stones at them,” adding that “the occupation is opening up unexpected avenues in the camp to surprise the residents of Al-Quds,” the correspondent noted, adding that ” the occupation forces, heavily armed, invade the camp to pursue the inhabitants of Al-Quds”, and explaining that their attacks come in retaliation for the painful blow they received.

Residents of the Shuafat refugee camp and the town of Anata, northeast of occupied Al-Quds, earlier today announced open civil disobedience against the Israeli occupation and its oppressive practices against them. .

Michael A. Bynum