New Tool Helps Suppliers Build Workforce Planning Capability

The Aged Care Workforce Industry Council today launched a free online application that helps providers establish a baseline understanding of their workforce so they can lay the foundation for a sustainable plan for the coming.

The workforce planning tool, which was designed with and for Australian residential and home care providers, is launching at an online event at midday today.

Louise O’Neill, CEO of the Aged Care Workforce Industry Council, said the tool was designed for aged care staff responsible for workforce planning, such as human resources or workforce planners. labor activities.

Louise O’Neill

“We believe this will be a game-changer for many aged care providers, especially small and medium-sized ones,” Ms O’Neill said. Australian Aging Program.

“The tool helps you understand your current workforce, based on the needs of the people you care for and any gaps you may have. With simple visual aids, the tool makes these gaps easy to see and understand.When you are ready, you can progress by thinking about the future.

The easy-to-use tool can help with workforce planning in a range of scenarios. For example, increasing dementia rates come with integrated guidance and are relevant across the industry.

“He moves at a practical and useful pace even in a busy and interrupted schedule. You can save your work as you go and come back to the tool as many times as you like to update or adjust your data,” Ms O’Neill said.

Workforce planning is key to ensuring that older people continue to receive quality care and that worker wellbeing remains a priority, she said.

Tool development aligns with Strategic Action 6 of the 2018 National Aging Workforce Strategy A matter of care. The Aged Care Workforce Industry Council was created in 2019 to oversee the implementation of the strategy’s 14 strategic actions.

To ensure the tool is fit for purpose, the council has worked with older workers and managers responsible for workforce planning in aged care facilities and will continue to do so in its efforts to improve features and functionality, Ms. O’Neill said.

“The development of the workforce planning tool is a major investment by the aged care sector. It will help the sector adopt more sustainable planning practices as we enter this period of significant reform. »

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Michael A. Bynum