Man ‘went too far’ by writing joke on son’s birth certificate

Ashley Kennedy says she joked with her husband before he went to the registry office, but then he went too far and included it on their son’s birth certificate.

Ashley Kennedy says her partner ‘took it too far’ when he included a joke about her son’s birth certificate

A woman was shocked when her partner took a joke too far and immortalized it by including it on their son’s birth certificate – and now people have called it a ‘legend’.

Ashley Kennedy said she joked with her partner that it would be fun to include a funny job title on their son’s document, like astronaut or neurosurgeon.

Then, as they sat at the check-in desk, a member of staff approached, so Ashley, from Wishaw, near Glasgow, Scotland, told them the truth.

Her occupation was listed as ‘student’, which was correct, but the guy had called himself a ‘chocolatier’ – and after sharing the story on Tiktok, some followers were left behind.

College student and chocolate maker, the perfect job combo

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Ashley, who uploads to TikTok as @dis.ash.tershared an image of her son’s birth certificate with her 4,000 followers.

Speaking to TikTok, she said: “When my son was born, his dad and I used to joke about how you could say anything when they asked you what your profession is. How are they supposed to argue with that?

“We were laughing, we were like the mother’s job: Astronaut. The father’s job: Doctor, neurosurgeon.

“We were laughing about it and then we sat down at the registry office and they were like ‘what’s your job?’, and I was in college at the time so I said ‘student ‘.

“And they turned to him and they said, ‘so what’s your profession’ and with a completely straight face said ‘I’m a chocolatier’. He’s like, ‘yes, I’m a chocolatier. And of course, all the women were like, ‘oh a chocolatier, wow, we’ve never had a chocolatier before’.

“So they start calling people, their work friends, saying, ‘wow, he’s a chocolatier,’ and ‘wow, that’ll look good on your family tree.’

“And I’m sitting there wanting the floor to swallow me. Of course, he was totally there. I guess I should have said that I was also an astronaut then, an astronaut and a chocolate maker .

“He packed chocolate in a factory, to be honest, that’s a good story.

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Ashely said she wanted to correct him, but felt he “went too far” and there was no turning back.

After sharing the story online, other TikTok users rushed to comment on the video.

One said, “Hahaha, I’m screaming! This is absolutely amazing.”

Then another wrote: “Legend”.

And a third to add: “I don’t even know the guy but I already love him.”

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