Living wage will rise tomorrow with more than 350 employers taking the lead

The living wage will increase at the 2022/2022 rate, $23.65 an hour, starting September 1. This means that all accredited living wage employers will be required to pay at least this amount to all those who are directly employed and employed through contractors on a regular and ongoing basis.

Over 350 businesses and organizations from Aotearoa New Zealand are on the official list, from all sectors of our economy, from large financial institutions to small hospitality businesses, and everything in between.

Mitsubishi Motors has just become the first automaker to champion living wages. Chief operating officer Daniel Cook says it’s about making sure employees can make ends meet.

“The current cost of living crisis affecting hardworking New Zealanders places an increased responsibility on employers to do the right thing for their employees. At Mitsubishi, we view our people as family, and it’s important that we allow our family members to thrive in this environment of escalating costs.

Georgina Dansey, owner of Body Fit Training (BFT) in Te Awamutu, says good wages have been a priority from the start.

“When opening our business, we knew that our people and employees should always come first, so giving them the living wage was a no-brainer. If we have happy, engaged employees, our business can truly thrive, and give employees, living wage is part of valuing our people.

Hopper Refill Shop in Wellington was recently accredited, although it has paid at least a living wage to all staff since its inception. In addition to being zero waste, they know that social responsibility is just as important as environmental responsibility in business.

“The health and well-being of our employees, our community and our planet is at the heart of what Hopper is. Paying the Living Wage allows our employees to live decently and with dignity, which has always been an important part of our ethos at Hopper,” says Creative Director Susie Brow.

Fashion and lifestyle companies, Flo & Frankie, also joined the list this year.

“When Flo & Frankie first started, one of the things that was high on my priority list was to make sure we could give back to those in need and from the start we put our Flo initiatives in place. Gives Back,” said Founder and Director, Chrissy Conyngham. .

“However, in addition to helping communities outside of the company, it is so important to ensure that our own employees are cared for and taken care of. Part of that for us is ensuring that 100% of our staff are earning a living wage, from our store staff to head office staff, everyone deserves to earn a salary that reflects the hard work they put in and guarantees that it can take care of themselves.”

Living Wage Accreditation Coordinator Felicia Scherrer is thrilled with the momentum this year.

“The list of employers stepping up to do the right thing is growing with real momentum. What unites this hugely diverse group of businesses and organizations is a simple commitment to decent work through living wages. All accredited Living Wage employers can be proud of what they do for their own staff and the impact their leadership has on the entire workforce.

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Michael A. Bynum