LG launches first virtual care solution to address hospital workforce shortages

The new Carepoint™ solution leverages existing LG Healthcare TVs and provides advanced monitoring capabilities to improve bedside care response efficiency and maximize resources. / Courtesy of LG Electronics

LG Electronics (LG) announced its first joint solution with digital healthcare enablement leader Amwell®, designed to push the boundaries of digital health innovation and solve a major problem facing hospitals , such as labor shortages across the world.

Introduced at HLTH 2022, the Carepoint™ TV Kit, by LG and powered by the Amwell Converge™ platform, leverages existing LG Healthcare TVs, a leading brand of televisions in hospitals and healthcare facilities, in patient rooms to allow providers to engage, remotely monitor and discharge patients, reducing the workload of healthcare professionals.

The new solution, called Carepoint TV Kit 200L, is designed to extend the reach of clinicians and care teams through virtual rounding, nursing care, online monitoring and isolation room monitoring.

This makes it possible to perform tasks such as patient admission and discharge, medical assessment, coordination of care with patients, family members and other providers, and patient follow-up from a one convenient location, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced driving and tour times, maximized resources, and optimized time and space.

“We are spearheading a digital transformation of the healthcare system in hospitals by providing an innovative platform that makes care more virtual, accessible and efficient while helping to improve the quality of care,” said Atul Singh, General Manager of Digital Health at LG Electronics. “Our new TV Kit solution helps alleviate the challenges that hospitals face on a daily basis, such as better managing labor shortages and providing clinicians and care teams with greater flexibility and easier access to patients. .”

“We are facing record levels of healthcare worker burnout and financial strains spurred by the pandemic. Technological innovation like this can reduce the burden on clinicians and care teams while improving patient engagement and ultimately enabling a better care experience for everyone,” said Susan Worthy, Director marketing at Amwell. “We are honored to continue to expand our partnership with LG as we work together to empower hospitals and their staff with the tools and innovations to achieve their goals.”

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Michael A. Bynum