Labor willing to sacrifice for the development of the nation if… – PPP

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has said that the Ghanaian workforce is ready to sacrifice for the development of the nation if the government easily addresses their concerns.

He called on the government to pay workers a living wage – a minimum income that requires workers to meet their basic needs, not a minimum wage.

The party said paying a living wage would allow workers to earn enough income for a decent standard of living.

In a statement released by Remy Paa Kow Edmundson, the National Secretary of the PPP, he said the Ghanaian worker deserved a living wage and not a minimum wage in order to improve his living conditions.

The call was in commemoration of the May Day celebration, 2022, also known as Labor Day, which is commemorated every year to celebrate the achievements of the Ghanaian workforce.

The National Tripartite Committee increased the daily minimum wage to GH¢12.53 for 2021 and GH¢13.53 for 2022 and before that the daily minimum wage was GH¢11.82.

According to the PPP, “the government should also prevent continued unrest on the labor front, strive to give the workforce adequate compensation and address inequalities in the wage structure of all workers.

“We have asked the government to use the event to focus on addressing unemployment issues and addressing the challenges faced by workers to have a workforce willing to sacrifice for the development of the nation. , we know that giving workers what they deserve will help the government cooperate. labor to pursue the agenda of the state.

“The purpose of the occasion has not changed, rather the government has turned a blind eye to the needs of the workers and has not served their interests, after several years of celebrating the occasion, the unemployment rate is still high, as the Ghanaian worker has not yet received and benefited from the significance of the event.

“This situation harms the country in several ways, including low productivity, nepotism, patronage, political patronage, corruption, indiscipline, societal impunity within the workforce, low progress, growth, the development of the country’s economy, the establishment of measures to solve problems affecting workers to improve productivity and contribute to national cohesion, harmony and development,” the statement said.

He said the establishment of Labor Day was generally associated with commemorating the achievements of the labor movement and used to call for measures to ensure respect for workers’ rights, to secure the poor conditions of service faced workers, such as low wages and long working hours. , retirement, housing, insurance and unemployment were discussed.

Michael A. Bynum