KCK denounces the Bamernê massacre; appeal to stop these massacres of the Turkish occupation – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The Kurdistan Community (KCK) Foreign Relations Committee has released a written statement regarding the Turkish state’s occupation attacks and massacres against the citizens.

The statement said:

May 26e, the Turkish occupation bombarded Kurdish civilians who were picnicking in their village in the village of Bamernê in Amed State, resulted in the martyrdom of 3 civilians including 2 children, so we are committed to those who had been martyred, we will establish a free Kurdistan, it would be liberated from the occupiers and collaborators in order to commemorate their memory, we also present our deepest condolences to the martyrs and the Kurdish people, we strongly denounce this massacre committed directly in front of the cameras with a deep anger, because no one can show a firm position except for the people of Bahdinan. On the contrary, the Kurdistan Regional Government KRG, its parliament and its political actors did not lift a finger and remained silent as if the civilians who were martyred were not their citizens, and the Iraqi government and its institutions and political actors have not issued any statement yet, only the voice of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan (KDP) rises to hide the brutal crimes committed by the Turkish occupation state and accuse the HPG People’s Defense Forces of commit, as he wishes It is clear that the crimes committed by Turkey have been concealed from the cameras as proof of the psychology of treason and crime. The Turks committed the massacre and it has nothing to do with it, and that the Turkish occupation army and its ally, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, committed this massacre.

The Turkish occupation is committing its crimes with the support of Western countries and NATO

The historical hostility of the Turkish state towards the Kurdish people and the policies of denial, destruction, assimilation, exile, genocide and massacres, and this policy is at the forefront of its approach, because the Turkish State enjoys the support of political forces in Western countries and countries that practice politics in the region by committing massacres, and there has always been the green light and silence and technical assistance from international organizations regarding the massacres committed by Turkey against the Kurdish people, and NATO is at the forefront of these organizations. Since the Turkish state became a member, NATO has been used as a shield to suppress the struggle of the Kurdish people for resistance and freedom. NATO was not only used, but presented itself as effective support. This support has often taken the form of training, techniques, intelligence and weapons, and has sometimes enabled occupation and genocide in the political and diplomatic spheres. NATO is responsible for shedding the blood of the Kurdish people and perpetrating massacres against them, and this situation continues today as support for the fascism of Erdogan and Devlet Bahçeli, and one of its responsibilities is the martyrdom of civilians and children in the city of Bamernê.

The traitors are the party that the Turkish state uses to occupy

Another party from which the Turkish state benefits in its policy of genocide and massacres against the Kurds, and uses it as a tool for this, are the traitors and collaborators of the Kurds. Today, the Kurdistan Democratic Party is the most effective political representative of this betrayal, because it is based on lies and takes upon itself the policy of killing all its forms, military, political, diplomatic and private war propaganda and plays his part effectively, and he sees that committing massacres against Kurds and patriots who are fighting for freedom is a guarantee to protect his dynasty, and the feeling that if the free and patriotic Kurds win, he will lose his dynasty, so he does his duty to destroy all the achievements of the Kurds And he took the policy of genocide as the basis for this, and in this way he played a leading role in the Turkish occupation of Iraq and Kurdistan of the South and tried to justify the occupation, just as the Turkish state takes the policy of genocide and genocidal attacks as the basis of its policy.

We call on everyone to rise up against the massacres and murderers

Thousands of our fellow citizens in Sulaymaniyah, Makhmour, Shengal, Bahdinan and Rojava have been martyred in Turkish state bombing, armed drone attacks and assassinations, as the Turkish state practices policies of intimidation against the Kurdish people and commit political genocide and kill the children, and that is why we call on the international community, the Iraqi government and the national political forces of Southern Kurdistan and our people to once again oppose these massacres . We also call on the intellectuals and the people of Southern Kurdistan, in particular the people of Bahdinan, to mobilize the public and take action against the massacres and the occupiers. And the killers and collaborators of the enemies of the Kurds and of humanity.



Michael A. Bynum