Jordan warns against Israeli occupation

On Sunday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates warned of Israeli occupation moves aimed at changing the historical and legal status quo at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The ministry also said such measures represent a dangerous escalation and a condemned violation. They also represent the Israeli occupation’s rejection of international law and its responsibilities as an occupying power.

The statement stressed that the Israeli occupation bears full responsibility for the serious consequences of such an escalation, which undermines all previous efforts to maintain calm and peace.

The ministry’s official spokesperson, Ambassador Haitham Abu Al-Foul, stressed the need for the international community to assume its responsibilities and take immediate action to pressure the occupation to end its these practices, condemning the storming of the mosque by the police for the second time as well as the assault by Jewish settlers.

The spokesperson recalled that the 144 acres of the Al-Aqsa Mosque is a place of worship only for Muslims, and that Jordan Jerusalem Islamic Waqf is the legal authority with exclusive competence to manage all the affairs of the enclosure and organize access to it.

Michael A. Bynum