iTWire – Zebra Workforce Connect

If your business relies on a workforce that is often spread across one site, or even multiple sites, then Workforce Connect from Zebra Technologies is for you.

Workforce Connect from Zebra Technologies is a complete collaboration and communication tool that runs on laptops, providing a phone system in your pocket with full VoIP telephony. This means that your employees can connect, call each other, send messages, transfer calls, have call groups and everything you would expect from desk phones, but without being tied to a desk. Workforce Pro push-to-talk Pro also adds CB type functionality. However, this is really only the beginning.

If you work in retail, transportation, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, and similar industries, you are no doubt familiar with the idea of ​​a handheld device for scanning barcodes. Others of us will have seen such units in stores like JB Hi-Fi, with the staff able to scan something and give price information or check inventory directly in the field while talking to a customer.

In fact, chances are you’ve seen a Zebra unit in the wild somewhere. At its core, it’s really a laptop that’s all about maximizing the range of actions that can be performed in the field without having to return to a desk, or carry a large device, or leave clients alone while running around. to find information.

It starts with the Profile Manager, where staff can log in using a variety of options – even scanning the barcode on their own ID card for example – and to a rich suite of use cases.

This means your staff can talk to each other despite physical location, it means they can solve problems faster and easier, increase tasks – “cleaning in aisle five” – ​​and spend more time with the customer .

It also features duress capabilities so that a worker in a difficult situation can trigger the alarm, sending an alert to others with the rules you configure. These can go to others in your organization or to an outside service, but make sure your workers are never really alone.

iTWire tried it for ourselves; we loved how easy it was to connect and we loved the ability to expand tasks. Now, whenever you see something that needs to be done, you can log it right away. It should not be forgotten on the way back to the office. We liked the crisp, clear voice – making calls felt natural and simple, but with more features than you get in your normal mobile phone app and all set up for your staff. For example, making a group call was simple, and logging out and back in to change our setup to suit today’s task was effortless.

It really is an impressive and remarkable product, putting all the power of a business phone system in the hands and pockets of your staff, along with improved collaboration, improved efficiency, improved customer service and greater satisfaction. overall staff to be able to solve the problems. simply stay in touch, self-service and be sure they are safe and protected even when they are alone. It’s truly a solution that takes your team from a simple transaction to meaningful interactions.


Zebra also offers a range of accessories that allow simple one-button operation, earbuds and more.

See it in action here with Zebra Technologies Engineering Sales Manager ANZ Dan Park.

See the Zebra preview here too:

Imagine the possibilities for your business.



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