Israeli occupation forces kill 53-year-old Palestinian worker | New

On Sunday, a Palestinian was killed by Israeli soldiers as he tried to cross the security fence between the northern West Bank town of Qaliqlya and Israel.


Israeli soldiers kill 3 Palestinians in the northern West Bank

The Palestinian Liaison Office reported that Nabil Ghanim was killed after Israeli soldiers shot him near the security fence near the town.

The Palestinian citizen was seriously injured and was transferred to an Israeli hospital, but succumbed to his injuries. Ghanim was a laborer from the West Bank city of Nablus and was trying to enter Israel to work there.

Shaher Saad, secretary of the Palestinian Federation of Trade Unions, accused the Israeli army of adopting a new approach of targeting workers near the separation wall in the West Bank.

The Israeli government practices “murder and violence against Palestinians, including workers, to gain votes in the upcoming elections”, he condemned, adding that the union will monitor all attacks on workers in all international forums.

The murder of the worker came two days after three Palestinian men were killed by Israeli soldiers in the northern West Bank city of Jenin. Tensions between Israel and the Palestinians have erupted recently, as the Israeli army has launched repeated incursions into the West Bank.

On Saturday, Israeli fighter jets bombed military installations belonging to the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the Gaza Strip, in response to a rocket attack on southern Israel.

Michael A. Bynum