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By Farhan Hamidani

In 2020, the hospitality sector was particularly affected and many people lost their jobs as a result. However, the hospitality industry has taken advantage of this by adopting new ideas and methods. Many sectors have been significantly and lastingly disrupted by the epidemic and the ensuing economic disaster. Reassessing the entire worker ecosystem is crucial to help companies move forward given the current situation in terms of returning to normal operations. Games are won by skill, but championships are won by collaboration and intellect. Building trust is the first step to effective teamwork and the way to achieve this is to overcome our demand for invulnerability. The three most important foundations that support cooperation are trust, honesty and transparency.

Positions are hard to fill because they often require a lot of unpaid overtime and virtually 24-hour availability. Additionally, it’s hard to address the issue that Gen Z’s expectations are dramatically beyond what learning a starting position in a hotel can bring. Lower wages as well as unpredictable work hours and weekend night shifts, which are not particularly attractive to a new graduate. As a result, the supply is now insufficient, which only exacerbates the shortage of talent in the hospitality industry.

It is crucial for you to motivate your team and recognize all of your team’s accomplishments as a leader. Being a master of all trades is very important in the modern world. Multitasking is essential and can be achieved by creating a culture that will attract and retain future leaders. The ability to cooperate with others in pursuit of a common goal is teamwork. It is the ability to channel personal successes towards corporate goals. It is the engine that allows normal people to achieve extraordinary achievements. Each member individually makes the strength of the team. Teamwork is the team’s greatest asset. People should invest time in organizations that will advance their profession, inspire and motivate them, and personally encourage and uplift them. The performance of the team should be taken into consideration and we should congratulate them for their hard work, successes and efforts, as well as support them in their efforts. Each of us benefits when we work together. The success of a team rests on its proper functioning as a whole. No matter how clever your thinking or strategy, the team would lose if each player competed alone. A team of people always accomplish great things in business; no one ever does it alone. The principle of cooperation is the belief that no one can arrive until everyone has.

Training and development lays the foundation for team performance and growth. The development of the team is based on the delegation of power, which allows the team to make quick judgments and improve their decision-making abilities. Although I argue that delegating is crucial, the leader must also keep an eye on employee performance. Along with team performance, KPIs for individual performance need to be adjusted. KPIs should be aligned for the team to help each other achieve the intended goal and objective. All incentive programs must now be tied to overall success and growth rather than focusing on individual performance.

I am a firm believer in luck and even luck rewards bravery. As the pool of experienced personnel in the pipeline dwindles, it is crucial to provide opportunities for newcomers to the business as well as the younger generation who are eager to learn and see a future in the hospitality industry. . Opportunities should be given to someone who has the right mindset and is willing to learn. Candidates with a positive attitude and a desire to learn and grow can develop their skills through training.

The author is Director of Sales and Marketing, Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach.

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