Hanna: The Turkish occupation state tells lies to cover up its crimes and failures – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

After each attack of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on the northern and eastern regions of Syria, its Ministry of Defense comes out, to declare misleading news about the targeting of the Syrian Democratic Forces, to respond to these new.

The official spokesman of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Aram Hanna, confirmed that the Turkish allegations aim to legitimize its attacks against the northeastern regions of Syria and to sow terror in the region in the context of the special war recently .

Aram Hanna spoke about the methods used by the Turkish occupation to cover up its crimes and said: “There are many methods used by the Turkish occupation, which are part of a special war, to intimidate the peoples of the region, and the statements by which it tries to hide the failure of its operations in the northern and eastern regions of Syria. We always emphasize that they are false in their entirety.

He explained, saying, “when one of our fighters is martyred, we proudly announce it through our official IDs and platforms,” calling on people not to be drawn behind anonymous sources and their false claims.”

Hanna noted, “Over the past few years, the occupation has often used false pretenses to attack the region, under various pretexts, such as fighting terrorism, according to what they said. But today we see that Jabhat al-Nusra has come to control all of northeastern Syria and the Afrin region in particular. We have not seen any Turkish statements indicating that it threatens its national security.

Emphasizing that: “The Turkish occupation follows a policy of double standards and its futile pretexts to attack our regions.

Noting that “the Syrian Democratic Forces remain the only legitimate force for the defense of patriotism and national pluralism. We are working to liberate all areas occupied by all terrorist organizations and those linked to al-Qaeda”.

Explaining that their military forces are fully prepared to respond to any aggression, he continued, “Our fighters and our military councils are ready to respond to any attack on our areas, and our operations against the Turkish occupation are a source of pride for We are not ashamed to carry out such operations, and reveal them to public opinion, And we reveal the losses suffered by our forces in the ranks of the occupation.

The official spokesperson for the Syrian Democratic Forces concluded his speech by saying, “The occupation’s statements and false allegations are nothing but an excuse to target our safe areas and target defenseless citizens.

He stressed that they would not remain silent on the Turkish occupation’s continued attacks in the region, saying, “We will retaliate with fire, and we will not leave any attack unanswered.”



Michael A. Bynum