Hamas condemns Israeli occupying forces’ ‘sadistic practice’ in killing children – Reuters

The sentence was handed down Thursday in response to the brutal killing of a Palestinian child by Israeli regime forces.

Seven-year-old Rayyan Yaser Suleiman died earlier Thursday in Taquu, near Bethlehem, in the southern Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Rayyan was killed as he and his classmates were chased by Israeli troops on their way home from school.

According to the Palestinian Authority Health Ministry in the West Bank, the minor died after falling from a high place during the chase.

In response to the incident, Hamas said the Israeli army’s “crimes against Palestinian children, people, land and sanctuaries will not ensure Israel’s security”, according to the Information Center. Palestinian.

Such heinous crimes, the movement added, “would only strengthen the resolve of the Palestinian resistance to defend Palestinian lands and rights until Palestine is fully liberated.”

According to medical staff at the government hospital in Beit Jala, where Rayyan was pronounced dead, the child’s heart had also stopped beating as he fled from troops, according to the official Palestinian news agency Wafa.

Yaser, the Palestinian boy’s father, confirmed that Israeli troops chased his son home, adding that Rayyan’s heart apparently stopped beating because he was so terrified, Wafa added.

The father said he took his son to hospital but was stopped halfway by Israeli forces who checked his son. They let him drive after confirming he was dead, according to Yaser.

Michael A. Bynum