Guerrilla attacks against the occupation: 6 Turkish occupation soldiers killed, helicopter damaged – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The statement from the HPG Media Office is as follows:

“Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas, who are resisting massive attacks with great sacrifice and self-sacrifice, are the biggest obstacle in the face of the murderous and oppressive plans of the Turkish state to attack Kurdistan and all of Middle East. In order to remove this obstacle, the Turkish occupation state is carrying out unlimited attacks with inhumane methods. Our forces are leading an unprecedented resistance against these attacks. Along with tactical nuclear bombs and chemical weapons, the Turkish military set fire to plastic materials and vehicle tires in front of combat positions in the Werkhele resistance area and tried to send poison gas inside the battle stances.

During actions carried out by our forces, led by our mobile teams, 6 occupants were killed, 3 occupants were injured, damage was inflicted on an attack helicopter and a drone. The Turkish occupation carried out 17 bombardments with tactical nuclear bombs and chemical weapons, 25 times with combat aircraft and dozens of times with tanks.


On July 14, violent clashes broke out between our forces and the occupiers during the enemy operation in the Nizar Az area of ​​Khizani district in Bedlis. 2 occupants were killed and 3 occupants were also injured in these clashes. Our comrade Sara fought to her last breath with great sacrifice. In order not to fall into enemy hands, she detonated her grenade on herself and was martyred. Our comrade Sara represented the true heroism of free Kurdish women and the self-sacrificing spirit of Beritan who refused to surrender. We promise to accomplish the revolutionary tasks assigned to us and to crown the struggle with victory.

The information on the identity of our comrade martyr is as follows:

Nom de guerre: Sara Xebat

First and last name: Leyla Yildizgorer

Place of birth: Shirnakh

Name of mother and father: Azîme-Mûstafa

Date and place of martyrdom: August 14, 2022 / Garzan

Michael A. Bynum