Farmers urge Congress to pass Workforce Modernization Act –

IARN – It’s no secret that the agricultural industry, whether it’s agriculture, all the way to agricultural businesses and processors, the industry needs workers. Many of these industries depend on the H-2A guest worker program. Past administrations have talked about revitalizing immigration policy and guest worker programs, but nothing ever seems to come of it. The closest we’ve come in a while is the Agricultural Workforce Modernization Act. However, like many bills, this bill appears to be stuck in the bottleneck of DC politics.

With harvest in full swing here in the United States, growers across the country and in every possible facet of the industry are urging Congress to push forward much-needed legislation. The American Business Immigration Coalition is one of the groups helping to make the voice of American farmers heard. They helped make that voice heard in Washington.

One such farmer is Shay Myers from Idaho. Their operation is a long-standing family farm that grows, packs and markets nine different table crops, from asparagus to watermelon. Shay said the need for farmworker reform is real.

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Michael A. Bynum