Elevate Security Launches New Workforce Risk Management Offerings

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Elevate Security, the leader in workforce cyber risk quantification, today announced new SaaS offerings leveraging Elevate’s extensive cyber risk intelligence capabilities to deliver rapid assessments enterprise-wide visibility into internal cyber risks, and the ability to deliver instantaneous risk-tailored security controls at the individual worker level. No other technology provides the detailed user risk analysis of Elevate, which is based on millions of independent data points.

While many organizations have external security measures in place, the need for aggressive management of internal threats is now growing in importance. Several recent research reports point to Worker Risk as the emerging root cause of cyberattacks, including current spikes in malware, ransomware, and supply chain attacks. According to Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigation Report, “82% of breaches involved the human element. Whether it was the use of stolen credentials, phishing, misuse or simply error, people continue to play a very important role in incidents and breaches.”

Elevate solves workforce risk by integrating data streams across the organization and beyond to create an individual risk score, much like a credit score, for each worker. Risk factors such as worker susceptibility to phishing, handling of sensitive data, safe browsing, password management are combined with demographics and other characteristics to form a constantly updated human risk score. day.

In addition to unparalleled visibility, tight integration with leading industry security controls enables Elevate’s Human Risk Score to inform all aspects of an organization’s security posture – from zero trust data protection and more. In this way, controls can be automatically adjusted to individual risk, protecting high-risk individuals and the organization itself from predatory attacks targeting workers, while ensuring maximum productivity for the entire workforce. ‘work.

Formulated specifically to address unintended user risk, the Elevate platform:

  • Identifies risky users and predicts when and how attackers will come after them

  • Applies risk-based controls to protect them and the organization

  • Automates personalized feedback to users and managers

“The inspiration for Elevate’s unique approach grew out of our own frustration with identifying and deterring high-risk workers,” said Elevate CEO Robert Fly. “Our customers now benefit from security operations, governance and risk management, assurance and strategy. Today’s announcement helps to better meet growing customer demand with out-of-the-box solutions that are easy to implement and tailored to specific situations and cyber maturity levels.

The new offerings are designed for rapid implementation and support gradual deployment across the enterprise. They understand:

Raise Evaluate – a low-cost, time-limited technical risk assessment service that not only captures individual and organizational risk, but also offers benchmark data for clients to assess their risk levels against their peers of the industry and prioritize time and resources to minimize risk.

Raise the monitor – an annual service providing in-depth visibility into workforce risk, Elevate Monitor offers ongoing risk monitoring of workforce users and ongoing peer comparisons that help companies keep track progress against industry benchmarks.

elevate protect – an annual service that proactively identifies and responds to an organization’s most at-risk users, giving security operations teams the visibility and risk scoring needed to focus on the most likely source of the next security incident. safety and stop it before it starts.

In addition to enterprise implementations, the cyber insurance industry, which has been grappling with rising claims liabilities, can now leverage Elevate cyber risk quantification to strengthen its partnerships as cyber risk consultants and advisors. , leading to more informed underwriting decisions and more profitable cyber risk portfolios. .

New services are available immediately.

About High Security

Elevate Security solves the age-old problem of worker risk. Our platform proactively protects an organization’s most at-risk users by integrating deeply into the current technology stack to identify behaviors, attack patterns, and other characteristics that affect user risk levels. ‘an individual. Security teams apply Elevate’s risk scoring, risk-aware interventions, to predict, customize controls, and help prevent the next incident before it happens. To learn more, visit www.elevatesecurity.com.

Michael A. Bynum