Custom Business License Plate Auction This Labor Day – By Ark Valley Voice Staff

Governor Celebrates Hardworking Coloradans, Supports Colorado Disability Funding Committee

So you want to be known as 14erman?

This wish may well come true.

To celebrate Labor Day and the hard work of Colorado’s strong workforce, the Polis-Primavera administration announced Friday that it will hold an auction for the rights to 40 official license plate configurations. on the subject of occupation.

Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Colorado Disability Funding Committee. Proceeds from the auction will be used to fund grants for disability claims assistance as well as new and innovative programs that improve the quality of life and independence of Coloradans with disabilities.

“We are proud to celebrate the hard-working Coloradans and strong workforce of Colorado while supporting transformative programs that benefit Coloradans with disabilities as we continue to build a Colorado for all,” said Lt. Governor Primavera.

Setups in this auction cover Colorado employment sectors including AV8OR, BARBER, CODER, EXCAV8R, LINEMAN, MEDIC, REAL8R, and RN4U.

Individuals can bid for the right to own the use of the configuration of the letters and numbers on their Colorado license plate or have the option of purchasing a novelty plate and retaining exclusive rights to use the configuration on their Colorado license plate at a later date.

The buyer also has the right to resell the configuration through the Colorado Disability Funding Committee in the future. Individuals are responsible for paying all standard registration fees, custom plate production fees and any additional fees for a designer background if they do not want the standard white and green license plate .

The auction is on line and will remain open until 8:00 p.m. Mountain Time on Tuesday, September 7, 2022.

Graphics of the license plate configurations in this auction can be found in This folder.

Michael A. Bynum