Cleanology joins the Living Wage leadership group

Cleanology CEO Dominic Ponniah has joined the Living Wage Foundation’s Recognized Service Provider (RSP) leadership group. The group works to encourage wider adoption of fair compensation and to make the accreditation system more efficient.

Ponniah said, “I feel incredibly privileged to play a part in forming the band and pioneering fair compensation. In our industry, with many employees classified as low-skilled, a living wage is an issue for many. As a member of the leadership group, I hope to serve as a bridge between the Living Wage Foundation and the cleaning industry, increase the buy-in of our own customers in support of the Real Living Wage, and promote transparency among companies that display fair compensation benchmarks. .”

Cleanology publishes a monthly report on the number of new customers joining the Living Wage. In January, this figure was 100%. In total, more than 70% of the company’s workforce is paid at the real living wage rate or higher – the aim is to reach 80% by the end of the year, to reach 100% within two years.

Sebastian Bachelier, Program Manager at the Living Wage Foundation, said, “Dominic has been a huge supporter of the Real Living Wage and Recognized Service Provider accreditation and we at the Living Wage Foundation are delighted to have joined him. the Recognized Service Provider. Steering group. He will make a brilliant addition to this group, bringing his enthusiasm, specialist knowledge of the sector and a strong commitment to real living wages as well as a commitment to wider social causes, such as the Hygiene Bank and business practices. green.

Michael A. Bynum