Citizens: The Turkish occupation is spreading lies to cover up its defeats – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The Ministry of Defense of the Turkish occupation state continues to spread allegations and lies about the martyrdom of Syrian Democratic Forces fighters in the media, with the aim of sowing discord between the military forces and the population of the region.

“The operations of our forces against the occupation are the message of return”

In this regard, Citizen Hamed Nasser, said that “the operations of the Afrin Liberation Forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in the occupied areas confirm to us that we are going to liberate our areas and we will we will go back and get rid of them”. the people of the injustice of the occupation and its mercenaries who commit the most heinous crimes against them”.

Nasser pointed out that the Turkish occupation state’s allegations against the Syrian Democratic Forces were aimed at sowing discord between the people of the region and the military forces, emphasizing “we will not believe these allegations in any way”.

With our forces, we will liberate our regions

For his part, Riyad Murad said that the allegations and lies of the Turkish occupation state are part of the methods of the special war against the Syrian Democratic Forces and the people of the region.

“The Turkish occupation state occupied Syrian territory under the pretext of protecting its “national security” and supported mercenaries; to loot, rob and kill the Syrian people, and to restore its Ottoman ambitions.

Murad stressed that “the operations of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Afrin Liberation Forces against the Turkish occupation are part of self-defense, and the people of Afrin will return to their areas thanks to these forces. “.

Spreading lies to cover up defeat

As for the citizen Mohammed Habib, he expressed his support for the Liberation Forces of Afrin and the Syrian Democratic Forces to face the Turkish occupation, and declared: “The Turkish occupation, after receiving heavy blows from the part of our forces, extends these allegations to conceal its defeat in front of the public opinion.

He stressed “We will stand with our forces against the attacks of the Turkish occupation, we will defend our land.


Michael A. Bynum