Call for a statue of the heroine of the occupation of Jersey

A STATUE of an Occupation heroine would help commemorate Jersey’s ‘great women’, says a Reform MP for Jersey.

Montfort Tadier led calls for many “worthy candidates” to be celebrated, naming Louisa Gould as one of them. The trader from St Ouen was deported in 1944 after harboring a Russian slave for 18 months and was eventually murdered in a gas chamber at Ravensbrück concentration camp.

During yesterday’s Assembly of States, MP Tadier wondered if work could take place on future memorials “to the great women of the island”.

Deputy Montfort Tadier

He asked if a statue of Louisa Gould could coincide with the 80th liberation celebrations in 2025.

International Development Minister Carolyn Labey said: “I think it would be a great idea if we sought to commemorate her and other women.”

She added that MP Tadier was “pushing against an open door” when it came to calling for more statues of women on the island.

MP Labey said: “I would welcome any cultural additions to our public realm, especially if they recognize the vast contributions women have made to our community.

“There are a lot of them and I don’t see any of them in our public domain, not obviously anyway.

“If it was to recognize Louisa Gould, who I know went to great lengths during the Occupation and actually lost her life, I think that’s something we should seriously consider. “

Deputy Economic Development Minister Lucy Stephenson told the JEP: ‘I certainly think we could make more public tributes to the women of Jersey.

“A statue would be a great starting point.”

Posting recently on Twitter, MP Tadier wrote: “If we are to have statues, there are many more candidates worthy of being truly celebrated: Louisa Gould for one.

‘Imagine that: instead of having a statue to a slave trader [Sir George Carteret]get one from someone who sacrificed their life to hide and save a slave.

Michael A. Bynum