Australian Bushmaster tanks hailed after Ukraine liberates Kharkiv from Russian occupation

Ukraine succeeded in regaining control of a key territory, forcing the Russians to retreat towards the border.

Ukrainian offensive soldiers thank Australia for playing its part in liberating the city of Kharkiv occupied by Russian troops for six months.

According to the Ukrainian MP Kira Rudikthe Australian Bushmasters played a huge role in their highly successful counter-attack against the Russian invaders.

“Of course, we are here in Ukraine extremely happy and proud of our army, our men and women who bravely fight back and push the Russians out of our territory, liberating our towns and villages.”

“It’s a fantastic example of the teamwork and the international support that exists,” she said.

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Australia has committed $388 million in military aid to Ukraine, including 60 Bushmasters, 14 M113AS4 armored personnel carriers and six M777 howitzers.

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Michael A. Bynum