Al-Hol District Council calls for Turkish occupation to be held accountable for its war crimes – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Today, the District Council of al-Hol in the canton of al-Hasakah in northern and eastern Syria issued a statement of public opinion, in response to the continued threats and attacks by the state. of Turkish occupation over northern and eastern Syria, and Başûr (southern Kurdistan), and its systematic policy of isolation imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The statement was read by the co-chairman of the Al-Hol sub-district council, Ziad Hassan, at the district center, in the presence of the inhabitants of the district, members of civil institutions, representatives of political parties and notables of the clans of the region.

The statement began by remembering the three main martyrs, “Jiyan Tolholdan, Roj Khabour and Barin Botan”, and also praised the resistance of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Internal Security Forces who are keen to protect the region and fight against the Turkish occupation. to ensure the security and stability of all Syrians.

The statement said that “the threats and attacks of the Turkish occupation state, and their recent escalation, are aimed at hitting the democratic project in northern and eastern Syria, and implementing its plans and objectives. represented by “neo-Ottomanism”.

The statement stresses that “the Turkish occupation state is trying, through its policies and attacks, to export its internal crisis and obtain the support of the international community, to legitimize its occupation of Syrian territory”, describing the attacks as illegal, criminal and brutal, citing the massacre committed by the Turkish occupation state in Zakho district in Başûr (South Kurdistan).

The statement called on the international community and the armed forces to hold the Turkish occupation state and its president accountable for the war crimes they have committed in Syria and Iraq.

The statement also underlined that “the deepening isolation of the leader, Abdullah Ocalan, is a continuation of Turkey’s systematic policies against freedom-seeking peoples, discouraging them from claiming their rights and limiting the thinking of the leader, which has become necessary to resolve the crises in the Middle East and its outstanding issues.”

The statement says Commander Abdullah Ocalan is facing systematic far from humanity practices in Imrali prison amid international silence, stressing that the keys to solving all problems are in Commander Abdullah’s hands. Ocalan.

The statement stressed the need to continue the fight alongside the autonomous administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces in order to protect the region, support the Iraqi people and continue to fight to defeat the Turkish occupation of Syrian and Iraqi lands and obtain the physical freedom of ruler Ocalan. .



Michael A. Bynum