Robredo and labor groups forge pact on quality jobs, living wages and job security – Manila Bulletin

Vice President Leni Robredo and various union leaders supporting his presidential bid have offered a “vision” and commitment to pursue several union agendas in the country once the opposition leader wins the May 2022 elections.

(Screenshot from Robredo People’s Council Facebook page)

Robredo and the Alliance of Labor Leaders for Leni (ALL4LENI) signed a trade union pact on Monday, November 29, which serves as a “vision of a Robredo presidency”.

The agreement contains several pleas such as the promotion of quality jobs, the provision of a “living wage” income to workers, social protection through public services, the improvement of trade union and political rights and consultation .

Aspiring Senator Sonny Matula, President of the Free Workers Federation and spokesperson for ALL4LENI presented the contents of the convention during the signing event.

He explained that the agenda on promoting secure and quality jobs, including green and climate jobs, aims to pass a security of tenure bill in Congress, and other proposals. related laws and policies “that will ensure and enhance job security for workers in both the private and public sectors and eliminate or curb the widespread use and abuse of contracting.

They also agreed to consider a “robust public employment program” to provide guaranteed jobs for the unemployed and guaranteed incomes for those who cannot work and wage subsidies to provide jobs when needed.

Part of this agenda is the creation of climate-related jobs in response to worsening global problems and jobs based on a just transition from the current carbon or fossil fuel centered economy to renewable energy or a low-carbon economy.

Additionally, Robredo’s vision for Filipino workers includes the plan to “increase the meager salaries of employees” to bring the minimum wage closer to a “living wage” for all types of workers.

Increased funding for public services, including expanding universal health care coverage, free education, social housing and public energy based on renewable resources are also on the agenda. They also seek to reform and invest in the public transport system by institutionalizing service contracts, pushing for a just transition for transport workers through a higher subsidy for the public utility vehicle modernization program, promoting active transportation through protected bike paths and improving transportation infrastructure and a transit system that puts people and nature first.

The union vision also includes improving trade union and political rights by “thoroughly investigating all cases of killings” to end extrajudicial killings, “especially of trade unionists, social activists and journalists”.

It also seeks to push for full trade union rights, including the right to strike and collective bargaining, for government employees.

According to Matula, Robredo added consultation on the list of agendas to establish a regular meeting between the government and the working groups to discuss social and labor advocacy and action to be taken in case of problems in the implementation. of certain policies and programs.

Matula said that Robredo personally included the consultation in the agenda to involve the working groups in the implementation of the program.

During the signing of the pact, union leaders reiterated their support for Robredo’s presidential candidacy.

“Alam namin kasama kayo ng maraming manggagawa sa maraming horsefly at alam namin na hindi mo kami iiwan sa laban na ito at siyempre, pinapaalam namin sa iyo na hindi ka rin iiwan ng kilusang manggagawa sa darating na Mayo 2022 (We know you are with workers for many years and we know you will not leave us behind in this fight and we inform you that the workers groups will not leave you behind in May 2022),” Matula said.

Besides Robredo and Matula, union leaders of Sentro ng Nagkakaisa in Progresibong Manggagawa (SENTRO), Partido Manggagawa, National Union of Bank Employees, Kapatiran in Dalawang Gulong, Nagkaisa! The Women’s Committee and the National Congress of Sugar Trade Unions of Luzon in the Philippines also signed the labor agreement.



Michael A. Bynum