Rep. Baldeh: Investing in workers to meet workforce challenges

MADISON – Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly met to vote on a slate of bills focused on the state’s economy, employment regulations and workforce . The session took place against the backdrop of a labor shortage and the lowest unemployment rate in state history. House Democrats argued that the Republican-sponsored package failed to address the root causes of labor shortages and instead punished individuals’ use of state benefit programs. Rep. Samba Baldeh (D-Madison) released the following statement in response:

“With the lowest unemployment rate in our state’s history and businesses clamoring for more workers, we need to invest in policies that will attract workers without making it harder for people to get the help they need. need.”

In response to a proposal to limit the number of weeks individuals can apply for unemployment benefits, Democrats have introduced amendments that encourage workers to come to the state by increasing funding for health care, childcare and broadband infrastructure.

“To meet the challenge of workers retiring faster than entering the workforce, we must attract new workers by providing them with the services that make them want to live and work in Wisconsin.”

Michael A. Bynum