People deserve a living wage – Chico Enterprise-Record

I was born in Lawrence Mass, the ‘immigrant town’, site of the 1912 Bread and Roses strike. At its peak, 10,000 workers were on strike at Everett Mills, motivated by a $0.32 cut in their weekly wages from

The labor movement thrives when workers unite! Unemployment benefits during a global pandemic, working conditions for coal miners in the late 19th century, the 40-hour work week, national holidays and safe and humane working conditions are strenuous victories for the movement worker against the incessant greed of entrenched capitalism.

People who chastise low-wage workers using federal unemployment, or those who work a few weeks and decide “the jobs aren’t right for them,” are disparaging workers’ rights to a living wage and dignity, and to choose what is best for themselves. Meanwhile, the fight for living wages and dignity continues on Labor Day, Labor Day, at…

—Bill Mash, Chico

Michael A. Bynum