Ohio job openings up 11,000 in April; Most In-Demand RN Profession – Business Journal Daily

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Registered nurses and front-line retail supervisors are the most in-demand jobs in Ohio, according to the latest Ohio Means Jobs report.

The agency reports that a total of 271,641 openings were posted online from March 14 to April 13, an increase of 11,007 from the previous reporting period. This also represents an increase of 81,083 job openings compared to the same period in 2020.

The top occupations with the most job openings in the region were led by registered nurses with 12,427 job openings and frontline retail supervisors with 10,139.

Heavy truck and semi-trailer drivers (8,911), software and application developers (7,913) and retail salespersons (7,781) round out the top five occupations.

Of the total jobs posted, 26.3% indicate a mid-income salary range of $30,000 to $49,000. Upper-middle-income jobs ($50,000 to $79,000) account for 24.7% of jobs posted. Entry-level jobs (under $30,000) make up 19.8% of postings, high-income jobs ($80,000 to $99,000) 9.7%, and six-figure jobs 19.6%.

Most jobs posted (44.5%) require a high school diploma or GED, compared to 37.6% requiring a bachelor’s degree, 13.1% requiring an associate’s degree, 2.1% a master’s degree and 2.7% a doctorate.

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Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.

Michael A. Bynum