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The Turkish occupation made Afrin, after its occupation, a home for itself and for dozens of its mercenary groups, who turned their homes, schools, institutions and vital and service facilities into headquarters and prisons, where various types of psychological and physical torture were practiced. against the small percentage of the original Kurdish population remaining in the canton, where they seek to relocate them, so that they can realize their plans and ambitions.

Prior to the canton’s occupation, the proportion of Kurds was around 95% of the canton’s total population, but this percentage has dropped to around 23%, according to human rights organizations documenting state crimes. of Turkish occupation and its mercenaries. in the occupied canton of Afrin.

In the center of Afrin city

The Turkish occupation army, its intelligence services and its mercenaries are stationed in the center of the occupied city of Afrin at the military headquarters as follows:

* The “Sultan Murad” mercenaries led by the mercenaries called “the Chechens” and “Jasas” take the former building of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) in old Afrin, and the former Finance building in old Afrin as their headquarters respectively, while the latter turned the basement of the finance building into a prison to torture the citizens.

* The “Syrian Front” mercenaries are stationed in old Afrin and near the Cihan hospital. They also take the old local administration building near Kawa roundabout as their headquarters, headed by the mercenary called “Haji Abu Suleiman of Tal Rifaat”.

* The “Al-Hamza” mercenaries used the former Internal Security Forces center on Mahmoudiya Road as their headquarters, while the “Al-Hamzat” mercenaries used the former Afrin canton building as their headquarters, led by the mercenary called “Abu Haji”, while “Al-Hamzat” and the Turkish Gendarmerie take the center of Saraya in the center of the city Afrin is a joint headquarters, while the Turkish occupation army is stationed in the famous Villa Arabo and the building of the Internal Security Forces in the district of Achrafieh.

* Turkish intelligence has two headquarters in Faisal Kaddour Kindergarten and School on Janders Road, in addition to turning them into two prisons to torture and interrogate citizens.

* The mercenaries of the “Al-Mu’tasim Billah Brigade” have a headquarters in the post office, led by the mercenaries called “Abu Mahmoud Afram, and Abu Hamza, an officer who defected to the government forces of Damascus.”

* “National Army Security” mercenaries are stationed in the girls’ school in Azadi Square in central Afrin, while “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” and “Eastern Security” mercenaries have transformed the hospital in Afrin and its surroundings in headquarters run by the mercenaries called “Abu Khawla and Abu Zaid”, in addition to building others for self-management institutions.

The mercenaries of the “Al-Sharqiya – Ahrar al-Sharqiya – Omnia al-Sharqiya – Shuhada al-Sharqiya – al-Sharqiya Brigades” are stationed in the area of ​​Villa Street, Dersim Hospital and civilian homes, while “Al-Sharqiya” mercenaries are also stationed in Sahl Katakh, while “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” mercenaries are also stationed in Jin Hall in the city of Afrin is led by a mercenary called “Abu Khawla”.

In the souk al-Hal, the mercenaries of “Al-Jabha al-Shamiya” are stationed, led by the mercenary “Yasser Abu al-Mawt”.

* The mercenaries of the “Adl Gathering – Al-Mu’tasim Billah – the Third Legion” from the area located at the roundabout of Maarata, led by the mercenary “Mustafa Sejri”, make their base.

*While a joint checkpoint was set up for the mercenaries of “Jaysh al-Islam” and the Turkish army, at the end of the road from Villa Street to al-Muthalas, and the road between the Janders district and the center of Afrin, and another joint checkpoint has been set up for the Turkish occupation army and the mercenaries of Hamzat, in the village of Teranda, adjacent to the center of the city of Afrin, which is taken by mercenaries. “The Grandchildren of the Prophet”, centered on them.

* The mercenaries (Aswad Al-Hamzat) are stationed in the electricity company and its surroundings and in the building of the citizen (Haji Sheikh Kilo) in the district of Ashrafieh, and they have transformed the house of the people of the district of Achrafieh to a “medical point” to treat the mercenaries.

* “Ahrar al-Sham” and “Al-Jabha al-Shamiya” mercenaries take the Al-Sina’a neighborhood as their center, while “Jaysh al-Islam” mercenaries take the old Traffic Building as their headquarters, while the “Military Police” mercenaries have made Citizen Kayran Muhammad’s house in Afrin City their headquarters.

On the outskirts of Afrin township

* Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) mercenaries, al-Sharqiya mercenaries and Ahrar al-Sham are stationed in Janders district and a number of its villages.

* While “Al-Amshat” mercenaries turned Shih district into a colony ruled by the mercenary (Muhammad Al-Jassem Abu Amsha).

* In Shirawa district, the headquarters of the mercenaries of “Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham”, “Al-Hamza”, “Al-Jabha Al-Shamiya” and “Ahrar Al-Sham” are distributed.

* As “Sultan Murad” mercenaries take control of Shara district.

“Jaish Al-Nukhba” mercenaries are stationed in Amara village in Mobata district, and “Northern Brigade” mercenaries are stationed in Afraza and Kamrouk villages in the district, led by the mercenaries called “Ali Abu Talib and Abu Ahmed”.

* In Rajo district, “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” and “Al-Jabha al-Shamiya” mercenaries are distributed, while “Faylaq al-Rahman” mercenaries are taken from the Military Academy to the crossroads of Mobata district on Rajo Road.

* While the mercenary headquarters of “Al-Jabha al-Shamiya”, “Jaish Al-Nukhba” and a number of other Turkish-affiliated mercenaries are spread across Bulbul district.

* “Al-Hamzat” mercenaries are based from Shurba village, Mobata district.

The most important detentions and prisons of the Turkish occupation in occupied Afrin

* “Al-Mowaslat Prison”: It is in the city of Afrin and is managed by the “Syrian Front” under the supervision of defectors from the “Syrian Security”, where civilians are kidnapped from the city of Afrin and put in this prison before they were transferred to the main prison for mercenaries, known as “Al-Masara” prison, in the Sejo area, in the occupied countryside of Azaz.

* Afrin City “Court Jail” located in the old court building is considered to be one of the detention centers for female abductees from various aspects of Afrin township. It is led by Al-Jabha Al-Shamia mercenaries.

* “Al-Barad prison” is located in the city of Afrin and is also managed by the “Syrian Front”. It is a prison for kidnapped citizens from Afrin city and surrounding villages, especially women, and the prisoners are subjected to various methods of physical and psychological torture.

* The “Arab Union School Prison” in the city of Afrin, run by the “Syrian Front” mercenaries, also contains a special section for women, which was later transformed into a military headquarters.

* “Al-Karama school” prison in the city of Afrin, which is Al-Karama school, which is one of the oldest schools in the city of Afrin, transformed by the mercenaries “Faylaq Al-Sham” in prison, where abductees are subjected to various methods of torture, and there is a special section for women.

* “Teranda prison” in the city of Afrin, run by elements of “Turkish intelligence”, is one of the most dangerous secret prisons, where all methods of physical and psychological torture are practiced.

* “Afrin Al-Zohour prison” is located in the city of Afrin, run by “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” mercenaries, and there are “Turkish intelligence” elements, and most of the kidnapped are inhabitants of the city of Afrin and the surrounding villages.

* The “Amir al-Ghubari school prison” in the city of Afrin, run by “Turkish intelligence” elements in coordination with a number of its mercenary leaders, is investigating cases related to people who have dealt with the autonomous administration.

* “Villas Street Prison” in the city of Afrin, located in an abandoned house, is run by “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” mercenaries.

* “Al-Ashrafiyeh Prison” in Afrin city, located in one of the old abandoned houses, is run by a “gang of thieves” led by someone who manages them, and contains four rooms, including two for the kidnappers, who number between 50 and 60 people.

* “Al-Mahmoudia Prison” in the city of Afrin, run by the mercenaries of the “Al-Hamza” division, and there are dozens of kidnapped people, and there are two women’s rooms inside the prison.

* “Shengila Village Jail” in Bulbul District. The prison is located in a citizen’s house and is run by the “Hamza Division”.

* “Al-Basouta Prison”, near the city of Afrin, is also known as “The Castle Prison” and is supervised by a head of the “Al-Hamza Division”.

* “Khuraiba Prison” in Shara District, previously run by “Sultan Murad” mercenaries, was later turned into a prison run by “Military Police” mercenaries.

* “Kafr Janna prison” in Shara district, guarded by “Al-Jabha Al-Shamiya” mercenaries.

* “Prison of Akbis Maidan” in the district of Rajo, run by mercenaries of the “Legion of Al-Sham” under the supervision of elements of “Turkish intelligence”. It was built near the Syrian-Turkish border and accommodates around 350-400 people, consisting of ten closed rooms with small internal ventilation holes. In which all possible methods of torture are used, the kidnapped, after conducting preliminary investigations, are transferred to Turkish territory.

* “Al-Mahatta Prison” in Raju district, called al-Mahatta; It is located in the station. It is overseen and run by “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” mercenaries, most of the abductees are district residents and some are Mobata district villagers, and it is known to be the worst detention camp.

* “Quran Prison” in Rajo district, a small detention center located in one of the houses on the outskirts of the village, supervised by the Sham Legion, and it includes most of the abductees from the villagers and surrounding villages .

* “Shih Prison” in Shih district, run by “Suleiman Shah” mercenaries, and it is called Abu Amsha Prison after the leader of this mercenary group.

* “Qarmtelaq Prison” in Shih district, also run by “Suleiman Shah” mercenaries and located in the security headquarters of the mercenary group.

According to the human rights organization Afrin – Syria and private sources, this information is only a small part of the information about the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in occupied Afrin.



Michael A. Bynum