Covid-19: Confirmed occupation among the main risk factors

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Occupation is a major contributor to Covid-19 infection and one of the reasons why people from minority ethnic groups face a higher risk of infection and death, research shows .
Although it is widely accepted that people from ethnic minorities are more likely to be infected and die from Covid-19, until now the risk factors affecting ethnic minorities have been unclear. According to government-commissioned research released by the Equality Hub and Race Disparity Unit, the main factors affecting the likelihood of someone becoming infected with and dying from Covid-19 include occupation, particularly working in front-line roles, including those of NHS; living with children in multi-generational households; live in densely populated urban areas with poor air quality; and higher levels of social deprivation. “These factors, or a combination of them, are likely to explain the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on certain ethnic groups, such as Pakistani and Bangladeshi ethnic groups. Once infected with Covid-19, factors such as advanced age, male gender and having a disability or pre-existing medical condition continue to be risk factors for mortality,” the report states. While ethnicity itself was not considered a risk factor, recent research from the University of Oxford has identified a gene responsible for doubling the risk of respiratory failure from Covid-19, which is carr

Michael A. Bynum